Too Late To Wake


Too Late To Wake

"Slave Without Chains" official videoclip

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Ampli chitarre: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 3 Ch Mesa Boogie Mark IV Casse: Mesa Rectocab 4x12 Oversized Chitarre: Schecter C-1 Classic mod. Washburn HB mod. Gibson Les Paul Standard Batteria: Tama Starclassic Bubinga piatti Paiste 2002


Guiding Light (EP - 2011©)
Slaves Without Chains (LP - 2012©)


"Guiding Light" (EP 2011):
1 Move Away
2 Strike!
3 Guiding Light
4 Army Of Rust
5 Leave Me Be
6 Still Alive

"Slaves Without Chains" (LP 2012):
1 Mother Rage
2 Smooth Body
3 We Should Be The Same
4 Me Still Feel
5 Slaves Without Chains
6 Holding Out
7 Grey For A Day
8 Dorothy's End

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